Popular File Conversion Types

  • Doc

    • Doc is a format created by Microsoft. It transforms plain text into a formatted content. It is the default file type for older versions of Microsoft Word.
  • Docx

    • Docx is also known as Office Open XML, and has become the standard file type in document based programs. Newer versions of Microsoft Word default to this file type.
  • PDF

    • PDF, or Portable Document Format, provides an electronic image of text and or graphics that look like a formatted document. It can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. It is used in most editing software such as Photoshop and even Microsoft Office products.
  • RTF

    • RTF, or Rich Text Format, was created by Microsoft and used until 2008. It can still be read by most current text editors, and was known as being the "common" format between different word processing softwares. Its strength lies in its portability.
  • TXT

    • TXT, or text, is a human readable sequence of characters and words. It uses the common ASCII character set. It is the default file format for Notepad which comes built in to current and past Windows operating systems.
Depending on what you need the useful links above might be exactly what you've been looking for. In the past converting your files has been a chore. Where do you go for a specific conversion? What if I don't want to convert from PDF to Doc, but I do want Doc to PDF? We've separated it for you to simplify it as much as possible.The page we link to has easy to use step by step instructions, so you're taken care of from start to finish. Make sure to bookmark this site so you always have conversion tools at the ready!